Comparing Remote Support Solutions

Comparing Remote Support Solutions

Each commercially available remote support solution provides a unique set of product features to help differentiate it from the competition. With so many different products, it’s often difficult for consumers to determine if a given product is compatible with their environment and has the necessary feature set, not to mention how much it will cost them each year, now and as they expand.

To assist our customers, we are providing a comparison of CloudBridge and a few of the other industry products that we receive frequent questions about.

BOMGAR® Alternative

CloudBridge is a cloud-hosted/self-hosted remote support, meeting, and access solution. CloudBridge is priced substantially lower and offers similar performance, functionality and features. Let’s dive in and see how they compare.

Ditch the Cost

BOMGAR® doesn’t advertise their price for a reason! Expect to pay around $7,000 to get started with a B200™ and a couple of licenses. Compare that to $249/MO, the cost of five CloudBridge licenses.

Keep the Quality

Come for the cost savings, stay for the performance. Our customers quickly find CloudBridge delivers excellent remote control often eclipsing the experience of more expensive competitive products.

Did You Know?

BOMGAR® has taken the B100™ end of life. If you are a small company stuck with one of these devices, let us know, and we will be happy to help.

License Cost Comparison

  • BOMGAR® license prices start around $1995/license
  • ClouBridge starts around $249/MO of five licenses
  • CloudBridge allows you to choose your own hardware (Corporate Package)*


LogMeIn  Alternative 

We are often asked how CloudBridge compares to LogMeIn. Below, we’ve outlined some pros and cons along with the key differences between the two offerings. We started by highlighting the top reasons you should consider CloudBridge as a viable alternative for LogMeIn.

Fragmented Software

LogMeIn takes an à la carte approach. You’d have to buy 4-5 various installments to get all the functionality CloudBridge offers in one solution.


Your customer should see your company name and logo, not ours. CloudBridge provides nearly 100% branding and customization for increased visibility.*


LogMeIn provides more than 14 different products; 9 of which fall into the screen sharing arena. Figuring out which product to use can be hard; paying for each even harder.

LogMeIn Cost

This only accounts for the base licensing for LogMeIn Rescue and doesn’t include mobile support, apps, Central, or any other tools.

Don’t Forget to Add Up the Total…

  • Smartphone support: +$768/license
  • Management/Access: LogMeIn Central +$300/year
  • Access: LogMeIn Pro +$40 to $70/computer/year
  • Android mobile client: +$99/2 computers/year (must have a Pro account)

TeamViewer Alternative

CloudBridge is a self-hosted remote support, meeting, and access solution that provides comparable (and in many cases better) functionality and performance, at a fraction of the cost of TeamViewer.

No Trade Offs

Less expensive is not a trade-off in reliability, security, or performance.

Save Big

TeamViewer costs substantially more than CloudBridge for similar functionality. Expect to pay anywhere from 2x to 6x more for TeamViewer.


A TeamViewer license is valid for a specific version. As customers update their clients, compatibility issues arise.

Making sense of TeamViewer Premium and Corporate

Similar licenses for different quantities

The Corporate license ($2839) is nearly identical to the Premium license ($1499) but includes three channels and ability to generate MSI installer files. Additional channels for either license are $989/each.

TeamViewer: Beware of extra fees

CloudBridge has no additional costs for any functionality or tools. TeamViewer charges extra for some options (make sure you add up the total). TeamViewer extras include:

  • $139/additional machine where you want access the Business license
  • $989/additional channel for Premium and Corporate licenses
  • $419/license for mobile device support
  • $99 iOS client
  • $139 iOS HD client


*Corporate Package