Easiest way to remote connect

Access from anywhere

gives you the ability to deal with issues wherever there is an internet connection

Zero-install clients

avoid waiting for customers to fumble through installation

Intelligent launching

selects the easiest deployment method regardless of platform

Seamless firewall traversal

for both technicians and customers makes life easier on everyone

Proxy traversal

is not an issue, as CloudBridge uses system settings to establish the connection

No administrator access

is required for technicians or customers to join a session

Multiple-session support

allows technicians work on multiple sessions simultaneously

Collaborate with another technician

to both work on a single session simultaneously

Configuration with domain name and custom ports*

allows for any combination of access points

Automatic reconnection

keeps you connected when network conditions are poor

Log on or log off

the system and CloudBridge maintains the connection

Reboot machines

through CloudBridge or otherwise, and clients reconnect afterwards

All this and much more for your easiest way to remote connect.


* Corporate Package