CloudBridge Security Remote Support

Security Remote Support

Your job is to help your customers, and our job is to help you accomplish that in the most efficient and secure manner possible. CloudBridge was designed from the ground up to provide a scaled security approach to fit the organizational needs of companies of all sizes.

With CloudBridge, there is no sacrifice in security for your team or customers. Here are some of the key points of CloudBridge security:

  • Self-hosted implementation model*
  • Role-based security
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • Logging, video auditing, and more

Start with your technicians

Not all technicians are created equal, and neither are organizations’ security and compliance needs. CloudBridge provides a host of features that will help control access to your remote support solution while keeping the process simple.

Some popular technician security features include:

  • Option to limit access to certain sessions
  • Administrator control over client feature set
  • Screen recording*
  • Audit logs to document technician activity

Role-Based Security

Granular security permissions can limit technician access to functionality and sessions.

Audit Logs

Each session is logged with session host name, guest information, timestamps, and more.

Video Assurance*

Optional configuration to record every session to the server for compliance, auditing, and training purposes.

Make Customers Comfortable

Allowing remote access to a computer or server can often be a stressful activity for customers. Keeping the remote session completely transparent and granting your customers control over the session duration can go a long way to helping them relax.

Permission Based

Our remote support sessions provide customers full control over when someone is allowed to connect to their machine.

Open Communication

Customers can watch the tech working, initiate chat sessions, or end the session at any time.

Request Consent

Optional setting to ask unattended-session clients if it’s okay to join their machines.

No Footprint

The remote support client is removed from the customer machine after the session is ended.

In-House Security

All data passing between host and guest systems is fully encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. This includes all screen data, file transfers, keystrokes, and chat messages. CloudBridge employs a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, similar to that used by many banking and government institutions.

Self-Hosted Application*

No 3rd-party servers; CloudBridge resides in your environment, giving you full security control.

AES-256 Encryption

Complete data protection through a proprietary protocol and our AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Server Level Auditing**

CloudBridge provides audit logs and optional recordings for every session, stored with Your Installation.

User Authentication and Security

Authenticating your team to make sure only approved people are accessing Your CloudBridge installation is an important part of the security process. CloudBridge provides a diverse set of features and methods for validating users.

A few of the more important aspects of user authentication include:

Windows and Forms Authentication**

CloudBridge supports both Forms and Windows Authentication for login access.

Two-Factor Authentication

Several two-factor authentication methods are available for an added security layer.

LDAP and Active Directory**

Utilize your existing roles and Active Directory roles to authenticate your users.

Brute Force Attack

Configuration options allow administrators to lock users out after “n” failed attempts.

Session Timeout

Configuration settings are available that make existing clients void after a predetermined time frame.

Restrict Login by IP*

Allow to restrict what machines a technician can log in from.


* Corporate Package

** Corporate Package Self-Hosted Solution